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What is SUPER COMPUTER and How Does it Work?

What is SUPER COMPUTER and How Does it Work?

Today we will talk about super computer and what does it work? About Supercomputers. So all of you must have known, so today we will tell you about super computer. If you do not know about Super Computer then this post is for you only. 

What is SUPER COMPUTER? and How Does it Work?
What is SUPER COMPUTER? and How Does it Work?

In this post you will get complete information about super computer in Hindi. How does a super computer work? What do supercomputers do? How much does a supercomputer cost? The world's highest speed computer super computer Which is the fastest super computer in India? You will get all this information in this post. So let us know, what is a supercomputer and what can it do? , What is Supercomputer in Hindi.

Listening to a super computer takes a super version of the computer, and this is also true because a supercomputer is a device that does faster processing than an existing computer.

If we talk about earlier times, vacuum tubes and transistors were used in computers and computers used to be like big rooms.

But after the introduction of circuits and microchips, the size of the computer has reduced to a great extent. Let's know about super computer.

What is super computer?

 A super computer is a computer with a higher level of performance than a general purpose computer. Super computer can perform very high level of calculation and computing as compared to general purpose computer.

It works thousands of times faster than today's computers. That is why it is called super computer. It is the fastest and most powerful as compared to all available computer systems at any given time.

This computer system is used where there is a need to perform real time task with a lot of power and fast processing.

Operating System of Super Computer?

The performance of a supercomputer is measured in FLOPS, which means floating-point operations per second. That is why the more FLOPS the computer has, the more powerful it will be.

A supercomputer is a computer that currently performs at the fastest speed and operational rate. It is mostly used for making scientific and engineering applications.

How does a supercomputer work?

The need of supercomputers comes in the most use of saints and engineers, calculations of database and high level calculations are needed, for this supercomputers are used.

Supercomputers are very high and powerfull and supercomputers are very expensive. That is why it is used where there is a need to do very large and fast calculations.

Apart from this, it is also used in special operations, because there is a lot of time constraints in special operations, they have to do more work in less time.

What work can a super computer do?

Let me explain you a little and tell you where supercomputers are used.

1,Functions of Supercomputer

2,Climate Research)

3,Weather forecasting)

4,Physical Simulations)

5,Code Breaking)

6,Genetic Analysis)

7,Animated Graphics)

8,Quantum Mechanics)

9,Molecular Modeling)

10,Oil and Gas Exploration)

11,Fluid Dynamic Calculations)

12,Nuclear Energy Research)

How much does a supercomputer cost?

Price of Supercomputer: The price of a supercomputer depends on how fast it calculates the floating point per second.

The higher the supercomputer, the higher its cost, that is, the more expensive it will be.

Therefore it is not easy to build and use a super computer. Usually the cost of supercomputers is $20,000 (1462300₹), but the cost of large supercomputers can be up to 300 million US dollars.

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You will get to know about Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is sometimes also called machine intelligence in the field of computer science. This man and intelligence In this post, complete information about google ai


this. What is Google AI and how to use it?

google is now AI for social good integrating machine learning into a new program, it's about advancing technology and anyone can potentially use it.

What is Google AI?

Google AI A section of Google that fully complements Artificial Intelligence. Announcement Google CEO made a great pitching in 2017. It is an A system for completing real world tasks on the phone. AI means artificial intelligence.

It is a service of Google, whose goal is to create and create the world's information. Nomads are helping newcomers and helping people too.

Google AI is making it easier for people to do things everyday, whether it's searching for photos of loved ones or breaking language barriers to translate Google, typing email or working with Google Assistant. AIS New ways to get in touch.

To complete the problems and to do more to do more will meet your creative efforts.

Human Human Human Place It is socially beneficial, fair, answerable and works for all

How to use Google AI?in hindi

To use Google aI you go to the official website Watch Movie Download. Information in the category for each time Education CAT Education Education CAT

This would have been predicted to happen as soon as this was posted.

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What is Digital Marketing? And how do you do it?

What is Digital Marketing? And how do you do it?

Hello Friends,

Who does not want to earn money in today's time, everyone's dream is to earn money. So there is a way in which we do Digital Marketing? know by name.

In today's time, if you look around your house, everyone will get to see a good mobile. And everyone also uses it a lot.

Ever since Jio has made its internet cheaper, the internet is being used very fast till today, due to which everything is becoming digital now.

What is Digital Marketing? And how do you do it?
What is Digital Marketing? And how do you do it?

When Digital Marketing is growing so fast, now every company is taking a step forward and using Digital Marketing a lot to promote its service and product.

In today's time it is very important to do this thing, it is a very good way to spread your business and increase its value in the market, now every company is getting registered online in its name which we know by the name of (website).

Whenever a new company or an old company brings its new product to the market, first of all, it has to reach more and more people, which with the help of Digital Marketing, the whole company tries to reach the people.

When the Internet did not exist, then everyone knows that it used to take a lot of time to do any work, but in today's time this thing is done very easily only with the help of Internet.

In earlier times, with the help of TV, Newspaper, Magazines, Radio, Puplets, Poster, to run Marketing Compaign (promote your product online), some company used to promote their product from house to house and tell about the product. There were new offers to buy.

With the help of the Internet, everything has become easier, due to this, now the Internet has become the largest marketing platform in the world, it has become very important for everyone, whether it is a big company or a small one, everyone has to go to the Internet to do marketing. Which we all call Digital Marketing.

So friends today what is Digital Marketing in this post? And how to do online marketing? I will try my best to give complete information, whoever wants to know about Digital Marketing from the very beginning should read this post thoroughly.

What is Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing is made up of two words that digital means internet and marketing means market.

According to Wikipedia, we mostly use digital technologies to sell any product or service, which is also considered necessary to do in today's time.

Now it comes to why people choose Digital Marketing only to promote their product, so brother, I try to tell you some things,

In the earlier times, there were not so many companies, so because of this they had a lot of competition, due to which they used to get a lot of time to promote their product, but in today's time there is a lot of competition, due to which you get a lot. have to see something

Somewhere or the other, Digital Marketing has grown very fast due to this thing, and in today's time, without forgetting it, do not forget to grow your business.

There is a very good benefit from Digital Marketing, the company people who want to promote their new product can sell according to the audience of that product.

As if I am trying to explain you with the help of an example.

  • Sometimes you have done a search on Google to buy something online or to know about a product, then that search gets saved in the cookies of google, due to which that company knows which audience likes which product.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

In today's time, Digital Marketing is very important because marketing is very important for any company, its company also keeps its annual budget ready, due to which it spends it when the right time comes and makes a lot of profit from it. is.

Without marketing it is not possible to go into business profit, marketing has been going on since long ago, it used to be offline and now it is also online.

  1. With the help of Digital Marketing, it is very easy and very fast to reach your product to the people and the good thing is, it also takes very less money according to offline.
  2. You get to see very good results from Digital Marketing.
  3. It is considered the best way to reach your target audience.
  4. In Digital Marketing, you get many ways from which you can choose according to your own.
  5.  With the help of Digital Marketing, you can sell your product all over the world.

How to start Digital Marketing?

Let me tell you, if you want to start Digital Marketing, then the biggest problem is that you leave because of lack of results in a few months, this has happened to me too. But my brother let me tell you plzzz keep working hard, you will definitely get success. You have to give some time in online.

Let us now try to know about it one by one.


If you really want to earn some money from Digital Marketing and learn something new, you can take help of Blogging which is absolutely free, don't know how many people earn a lot of money with the help of Blogging and now in the same future. Invest money too. With the help of this, he also becomes a Digital Expert in the coming few years.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you have made your website, then the most important thing is to make your website completely SEO friendly as well as your post, for this it is important for you to have knowledge of SEO.

It is not necessary that everything should come to you, do not think that at all, you keep doing it, in a few days you will know a little bit about SEO. And yes, never even think of taking a Paid SEO Course, you can learn everything for free.

If you become a good SEO Expert going forward, then many companies will also offer to give you a job.

Youtube Channel

I will hardly need to tell you much about this because nowadays you must have come to know about everything sitting in the house due to the lockdown. Still, let me tell you some thing, due to which those who do not know, they can get information.
As the Internet is becoming cheaper, the number of such people is also increasing, due to which more and more people now go to Youtube to get information about everything and find the answer to their question from there.

In today's time a lot of people are on youtube, so you can guess from this how important part of Digital Marketing is, because of this many companies are running in a lot of profit today.

Now let's know a little about how to earn money from this.

For example, if a company wants to promote its product, then it will first mail the big Youtuber, talk to him about his product and those big Youtubers get money for reviewing the same product.

If you are also an expert in something, then definitely join Youtube, you will have to give time, everything else is free.

Social Media

You must have known about social media somewhere, so let me tell you that this is also considered a very good way to do Digital Marketing because many people live on social media throughout the day.
If you also use it, then you must have seen that some advertisements would automatically appear in front of you, that is what we call Social Media Marketing, with the help of which big companies promote their products.

Affiliate Marketing

In today's time, if someone earns money, then it is most Affiliate Marketer, because this is a very easy way to earn money from this.
Nowadays all the big companies run Affiliate Marketing Program and sell their product more and more with the help of Affiliate.

Now how do you get money from this – so brother, when you join an Affiliate Program, you get a link to the product on their side, which you can sell to others and get the commission decided from it.

Friends, I hope that what is Digital Marketing to you? You must have got complete information about it, if you liked this article, then you can also share it, and if you have any question then you can ask in the comment below.

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Here we will know what is Digi Boxx, how to download, for what purposes we can use it and how to use it, as well as we will also know which country this software or website belongs to and how safe it is.


What is Digi Boxx?

Digi Boxx is a file storage and sharing platform Yani Aap Is Par Apni File Ko Safe upload Kar Sakte hain Or Ek jagha can share it from other place.

Digi Boxx is a cloud service, if you have used Google Drive, then you can use Digi Boxx in the same way, you can download its application in your mobile from Play Store or App Store and if you want, you can download them online. You can also use this service by creating an account on the website.

Aagar if you want to keep your photo videos or documents safe somewhere then Digi Boxx will be best for you, the photo videos or documents uploaded by you here will be safe for years and whenever you need these materials. So you can get it by signing in to any mobile or computer with your same account.

Just like you lock your money or clothes or any document in your locker or suitcase in your home, Digi Boxx is also there, you will upload your photo, video or document in it and it is completely safe. No one will be able to see it, then whenever you need these documents or videos, you can download them back from Digi Boxx to your phone or computer.

At present, we are getting up to 20 GB of free space in Digi Boxx i.e. you will be able to upload up to 20 GB of photos, videos or documents to digiboxx storage absolutely free.

If you do not want to download and keep Digi Boxx's application in your mobile, then you can take advantage of this facility by going to their website directly through any browser of your mobile or computer and login there, it is not necessary. It is that to take advantage of this facility, you have to download and keep their application in your mobile.

Digi Boxx is the best option to store a digital data, digital data means the content that you view or keep in your mobile computer or browser like photos, videos, documents etc. So even we have come to know that what is Digi Boxx, now we will know from which country Digi Boxx is a company.

Digi Boxx is a company from which country?

digiboxx storage is an Indian cloud service i.e. this company is from India and its server is in India only, whatever data you upload on it will be stored in India only. The way Google Drive is a company of Google, similarly DG Box is a company of India.

Who is the owner of Digi Boxx? digiboxx owner

Digi Boxx was launched by niti aayog, niti aayog is an organization formed by the government of India and its job is to provide technical advice related to important policy works to the government at the central and state level.

Digi Boxx Launch Date

Digi Boxx was released on 16 October 2020, and was offered by Liqvd Asia. This application may need to allow access to the camera, memory and other information in your mobile phone as well.

Digi Boxx was launched last month i.e. on 22 December 2020, this digital file storage platform can be used for individual as well as business.

Just like you upload your digital data like photos, videos or documents on platforms of foreign companies like OneDrive, you can use this indigenous platform and promote self-reliant India. After the digi boxx launch date, now we will know about its security.

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Top 5 Free Calling Apps for Android Without Internet

Free Calling Apps for android without Internet

Free Calls to someone - Free Calls without Internet - Free Calls to anyone without Internet - Today I am sharing article about how phone / landline can make calls without internet through free calling app. 

Free Calling Apps for android without Internet
Free Calling Apps for android without Internet

We all know about free calling applications like Weber, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Line, Tango etc. which also enable free calls, but they require an internet connection to make calls. What if the call is offline, without the need for an Internet connection? You heard right, you can make free calls without an internet connection.

Free calling app for android without internet

Although there are apps such as Viber, WeChat, Facebook Messenger that enable free calls, they are on the net, requiring the receiver to also have an active Internet connection to make calls. 

What if, the call goes offline without the need of an internet connection. So in this post we will provide free calling application for Android without internet.

This post covers topics of free calling apps

Which app is best for making free calls?

What is a calling app?

What is free?

How do I make a phone call on my tablet?

Access your favorite Windows applications from anywhere on any device with the Windows desktop hosted by If you want to try some other cloud related software, go to

Android has created a revolution in day-to-day life, you can do everything by using Android tips and tricks. You can also use the internet for free using these tricks and you can register any person without registration. Can call

Free calling app to make free calls

This app uses offline calling technologies, which is without a data connection, you can talk for free. Once you download them you can avoid paying high bills on your mobile. These mobile bills for international calls are becoming more and more so to get rid of them all you can just download these free apps and use them unlimited. So below are Free Calling Apps for android without Internet.

1. Spoil app for free calling

Bigo is an awesome revolutionary communication free calling app that lets you make free calls to any mobile / landline worldwide. The best features of this free calling app are because the called person does not need a billo app or internet connection.

Features of bigo

The BIGO app offers 400 credits per month for free.

This app provides free 10 credits per day for login to the app.

You can use these credits to make a call and the cost of the call credit depends on the location. You can see the credit fee for non-elders by clicking here.

Bigo also offers unlimited volumetric calls for below calls.

Bigo also offers 300 large credits upon inviting / mentioning a friend

2. Nanu App for Free Calling

Nanu is the latest free calling app designed for Android phones to make free calls. In fact the NANU app provides free unlimited calls from NANU to NANU on the net and without internet it provides 15 minutes of free calling every week.

Characteristics of nanu

Nanu does not require internet connection. Once you download the app, you can get free calling facility. So every time internet is needed

Also works as unlimited free calls in 2G connectivity

Also works for wifi connection and it increases the balance. According to the CEO

Nanu, in later days, this app increases offline calling time and will also be expanded to different countries.

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3. Primo app for free calling

Calling without data in more than 60 countries on Primo Voice Network allows you to use your cellular voice minutes to make calls when you are not near Wifi or out of data. Where do you go The receiver does not need internet. He gets a normal call from your USA number.

Download app from play store

You get a United States number for free. This will be your number. Give it to friends.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can make free calls and text to India and some other countries.

Make free calls to mobiles and landlines in India

- USA, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico Land and Mobile

- China, Thailand, and Singapore Land and Mobile

- Landlines in Britain, France, Germany, and most of Europe

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4. Libon App for free calling

Using this free app, you can easily make free calls to other app users and all using an internet connection. You can also call other users, even those who are not using the LIBON app, but the only restriction is that the user is only allowed to make that type of call every month. Only 30 minutes will be available.

Features of Libon

Unlimited Free Libon-to-Libon Calls

30 minutes free call to non-employer users per month (mobile, landline, libon call without internet connection)

In addition there is a referral program, refer your friends or family to get 60 minutes for free.

5. WhatsCall Call Anyone For Free

Whatscall is another great free calling application on our list, without internet and my favorite free calling application for Android phones. Whatscall is also a free calling app where you can make calls without Wi-Fi or internet. To make free calls without internet, you just have to download and log in to get 100 credits.

The app also gives 1000 credits for referring your friends. There are also ways to get free credit for making free calls without internet. So, just install and earn credits to call your friends and relatives. Whatscall is available for both Android and iOS.

-If your friends or family do not have any network access, WhatsCall can still connect you for free

-New "Moments" feature allows you to upload photos to WhatsCall and share your colorful and exciting life.

-Stance Messenger: Send photos, text and voice messages to friends to WhatsApp

So these are some Free Calling Apps for android without Internet. Try and comment that they are working for you. If you know any other free calling app for android without internet and we will add it to this list of Free Calling Apps for android without Internet.

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Top 10 Hidden Android Tips and Trick in English

Top 10 Hidden Android Tips and Trick in English 

Friends, today the world has become mobile with almost all the people, even mobile at home and the most visible mobile smart phones will be there, because these days Android is running behind the smart phone and other than the mind, it is also of a very good brand.

Top 10 Hidden Android Tips and Trick in English
Top 10 Hidden Android Tips and Trick in English

Mobile also x. Sony, Apple, Blackberry all these things but in the whole world it has become a record that Android has become the most popular handset, so friends today, I will talk about Android's tips tricks, some of their problems and solutions will also be known if you also have any Also Android Smartphone too and if you want to adopt these tricks on your mobile too, then you must read my post completely, that is why I am going to give you the top 10 Android tips and tricks in Hindi: but today I can tell the top 10 tricks and tips of Android Going, with the help of which you can make your smartphone even more smart and smart, in this you will get to learn a lot of Android, so friends, know 10 Android Tips and Tricks on Android Mandroid.

How to make android fast?

Friends, I have a lot of comments and messages on WhatsApp, how do we get our smartphone to run Android when new, even if it runs well some days, but after some days its processors start showing little difference.

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Because of being Kama Ram, whose Your Android hangs and becomes slow, but I can tell you a trick with which you can make Android Smartphone Android Hiyans: First you go to the settings of your Android mobile, then click on the device about it and then click on the build number. 

Once you do the tenacity, then you open your mobile settings again, after that the developer option will be shown below, open it, but it will be one of those things, but you have just turned off your Android fastnotes: and if you have more Android Even if you want to uninstall apps or games and keep updating Google Play Games (Google Play service), 

How to break the pattern of Android smartphone? 

In order to keep your mobile safe and sometimes it happens, if you forget your password or PIN lock in a hurry, then today I may also tell you how to break the pattern lock but yes it will delete your entire phone memory data. 

Because your handset will be a format: you use your smart phone Make a hard press on the power button in the undefined ring for 15 seconds. 

Now a menu will open in front of you, in that you will select the factory reset, with the help of the ring button, press the power button for OK then click on Yes and format your mobile Pattern lock will be broken: If you switch off your handset then first of all tell that if your smart phone is Samsung too, then you have to press 3 buttoms simultaneously and other 

How to increase the battery life of 2 Android phones. 

Friends, in your mobile In listening to or watching videos and songs, you forget that the battery back of our mobile is correct or not there is a problem on any battery, that is why I can tell you the tips to prolong the life of the battery of your smartphone. 

Rahane: For that you first delete your mobile userless software and games and live wallpapers which you do not do, after that you should keep the brightness of your mobile working so that your mobile battery will last longer and most important Regardless of any work done in mobile If you turn off that function immediately X: WiFi data, if you ignore all these things, then the battery life of your mobile will surely work very soon and you will have to face trouble and see 

How to solve network failures or link failures in Android. 

Friends, even if you used Android Smartphone, then you would know that even if the Android Smart Phones network is a problem or it is in the emergency network, a solution of this will be working in your mobile, what goes to try Hyans: When your network runs away immediately, then you go to the settings and leave the flight mode for 1 minute, then turn off your link or tower. 

How to stop this from happening immediately? Hello friends, even when your smart phone hangs, what do you do, even if you switch off your smart phone and then open it again, but these tricks will be very helpful if your mobile RAM is 512 MB or more Even if you work, with the help of this trick, your mobile You can save yourself from getting hanged. 

First of all, you should run your smart phone above. I told you about the tricks, now you can also tell about hangs. You can close the app in your mobile settings then in the application manager, due to which your Hanging the mobile and uninstall it immediately and click on Clear RAM: Even if you do not want to uninstall that software, then always keep it clear in the Task Manager of Settings so that they do not hang up quickly in Android mobile. Songs without any app? Friends, do you even know how to hide images data in our Android phone without any app? This is a question that a friend of mine, Indar asked me, 

How do we hide data without any app in Android? 

Like you guys Surely you can hide, let us also know the case: If you have an Android phone too, then you will know that even if an Android folder is defaulted in the file manager, then backup of your Android will be made which can be used to recover anything. 

That folder would also be a header folder, it also means that if you put any image or song or video in that folder, and open the mobile's gallery, the video or video will not show, you can keep it anywhere but keep in mind that you Do not forget to delete the folder containing Android, because more people do it. 

Note :- Wherever you put your data in that Android folder, if you do not name the folder, then you can forget that you will have trouble finding 

How to reduce android camera image size?

Friends, there is no need for me to tell you whether there is a camera of any Android phone or not, but there is a lot of space on capturing images and also a solution that can help the size of the images. 

Without any impact on the quality: you open your camera and then go to the settings, then come Jak in the resolution you want the images you want. Select Karlenote according to your needs: These tricks will also not affect your camera quality, so you must do this. 

Where is the text backup saved on Android phone?

Even typing in or sending a message or a name or any personal information of someone immediately said, I think you must have saved Jake in Sayyid Messesses, so that you do not know how to save even if it takes a lot of time. 

But even if you had such an app present in front of you, you would have missed it. Memo-snaps: In this, you can save any text by typing in it and then you can also read it if needed, which can also be considered important for you in this app diary. It is like. 

Note :- You can save anything by typing in it and if there is any personal information too, then you can save it by typing in it and then disable this app so that it will become your app, 

How to search the voice in the Android phone? 

If you want to run the internet without typing, then you can get voice You can do this by doing this, but for this you need to have a 3G net pack, let's also know how to search for Voices: In your Android menu, a browser will come in the name of the Internet, open it, it will show you something like a talking speaker. 

By clicking on it, you can search for anything by speaking: Honot: It also searches in voice search 2G but due to the very slow network flow, sometimes it does not work. 

How to get your friend's mobile to hang by sending SMS to WhatsApp? 

Friends. This trick is special and fun for you as well, so that you can disturb your friend and enjoy it, yes, you heard it right, you can send your friend's son and crash his mobile and WhatsApp, which is very simple. 

Come on, let me tell you how Hiyans: For this, you should first download an app from Playstore and download it from WhatsApp Bumbar App or Google, you can also download it by clicking here and after that select the level and open it in your copy. The option will show you copy that message and send it to someone's WhatsApp. When he will read this message then his WhatsApp will crash. 

Note :- I think for this you will have to give more information, it can also harm you, even before you know about it completely from here.

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How To Get Your Site Approved Google Adsense?

How To Get Your Site Approved Google Adsense?

Welcome to Tech Tour,

Today I will tell you best practices to help you approval your site.We will give you 3 Tips to increase your chances of getting Approval of your site.

How To Get Your Site Approved Google Adsense?
How To Get Your Site Approved Google Adsense?

The first best practice is to ensure that your site has the correct advertising code.The first best practice is to make sure that your code is complete and correct. After generating the Ads Code, you will need to insert the Ads Code into the HTML of your site. You need to place the Ads Code on the <Head> tag or on the body of your pages without making any changes.

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Please make sure that the code you have added to your AdSense account is placed in the same site. Alternatively, you can Verify Ownership of your site in Search Console instead. If Adsense detects that you have verified your site in Search Console, Adsense will keep checking if your site is ready to show ads.

Next is our second AdSense practice when the site becomes available.

The second best practice is to make sure that your site is available. Adsense often reviews websites that may or may not be downloaded correctly. Therefore, Adsense is unable to review these sites.

Make sure the URL you used to sign up for an AdSense account is correct and is running Globally.

If you need a password to access the site, your site will be unavailable. If your site's login is password-protected, consider temporarily removing the login screen so that AdSense can access your site. Also, make sure you are not stopping our Crawler in your robot.txt.

Last but not least, Adsense will not talk about our program policies to ensure that the site is policy-compliant.

The ultimate best practice is to ensure that your site is compliant with the policies. Please review our Program Policies and especially Content Policies.

Adsense has reviewed three main Violations by our publishers, which will further highlight these to help you avoid them.

The first violation is low-value content.

Make sure the content is original and valuable to your users.

The second violation is replicated content.

Make sure your content is unique, and it is not copied to different pages of your site. When the same content is copied to your pages or other sites, your site will not be approved.

The third and final main violation is site navigation.

Users should be able to navigate your site easily. This can be achieved by categorizing your content, using menu bars and the like.

So let's start...

Keep in mind that Adsense can review all pages of your sites, not just the sign-up URL where you keep the Ads Code. It is therefore very important to ensure that each page contains valuable content that is not copied, and that the site is easy to navigate.

In addition to this, Adsense recommends placing the Ads Code on the most popular page of your site, which will activate when our system recognizes your Ads Code, and will speed up the Activation process. Last, put your site in a list of sites, as deleting it may delay the review process.

In short, here are the most important points to activate your account. First, copy the code exactly as it appears in your AdSense home page; Second, make sure your site is accessible, and third, review our Program Policies.

We hope this blog gives you how to get your site approved? Will help us understand it better. You can find more articles within our Adsense label on our blog that have a huge explanation of Adsense policies and publisher restrictions.

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How To Activate Your AdSense Account?

How To Activate Your AdSense Account?

Welcome to Tech Tour,

And today, we will take you through the Google AdSense account activation steps. After creating your AdSense account, you need to activate it.

How To Activate Your AdSense Account
How To Activate Your AdSense Account

You can then start showing advertisements on your site and make money. Adsense today will cover three stages of account activation -

Completing your payment address details, verifying your phone number and connecting your site to AdSense.


It is important that you enter this information correctly so that you can get paid. To get started you need to choose an account type. You can choose an individual or a business account type.

There is no difference in services or payment structure between those types. Personal accounts are paid to the payee name of the account holder, while business accounts are paid in the name of the company. It may not be possible to change your account type after your account is activated, so please be careful while making this selection.

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Then you have to enter your name and address. Enter your full name exactly as it appears on your banking information. This information is important for you to receive your payment without any problems, so make sure that your name and your address are correct.

Note that you should be able to receive mail at this address. When your account spouse reaches the verification limit, we will mail you a personal identification number.


The second step is phone verification. It is not necessary in all countries. But if it is necessary for you, you will see a card on your AdSense home page. If you have previously verified a phone number for Google, you will see your verified phone number listed in the phone number field.

You can choose to use this phone number for AdSense and skip the phone verification process. If this is not the case for you, you can choose whether you want to receive the code via text or voice call.

Please be sure to use the international format - country code, area code and phone number followed by a plus sign.

The final step is to connect your site to AdSense. Copying the code from your AdSense account and pasting it into your site's HTML is as easy as that. You have to paste it between head and head text.

If you are using WordPress, recommend using the Adsense high SiteKit plugin. SiteKit can connect your WordPress site to your AdSense account and place AdSense code on all your pages for you, allowing you to automatically show ads on your site.

If you have built your site using a content management system, you will need to check if your CMS is built in AdSense or if it supports a plugin that helps you implement your AdSense ad code. Can do.

If you need assistance with Plugin, please check that the site you have used for AdSense and the URL you paste into your AdSense ad code are the same.

If they are not, you can change it here. Then you click "I have pasted the code in my site" and click done. If Adsense cannot detect the ad code on the site, then your account will not go through activation:

Please be aware of the following tips, make sure that you do not have any problem in linking your site to AdSense.

One, ensure that your site complies with AdSense program policies.

Two, there should be unique and original content for your site, and it should attract the interest of the real user.

Three, if your site is under construction, does not load, or if it is difficult to navigate, Adsense cannot activate your account.

Four, your site needs to be retrieved so that Adsense can reviews it. Make sure your ads.txt file is accessible to crawl.

AdSense will review your site to check that it complies with AdSense program policies. The review usually takes a few days. When your account is fully activated, Adsense will email you. You can then set up ads on your site and start making money.

We hope you find this blog how to activate your AdSense Account? Will help us understand it better. You can find more articles within our Adsense label on our blog that have a huge explanation of Adsense policies and publisher restrictions.