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20 Some Interesting Facts About Google?

20 Some Interesting Facts About Google?

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you some interesting facts about Google which you hardly know before.

20 Some Interesting Facts About Google?
20 Some Interesting Facts About Google?

  • You would know the name of the founder of Facebook, but do you know the name of the founder of Google? His name is Larry Page and Survey Brin.
  •  Google Earns $ 3488 in a Second
  • Google has more than 70 offices in 40 countries
  • Google has bought about 900 companies in the last 12 years and it is continuously expanding
  • As per 2019 the number of permanent employees of Google is 118899 and till now many employees of Google have become billionaires.
  • The annual revenue of Google as of 2019 is around 160.74 Billion US Dollor. Believe that Google earns lakhs of rupees as soon as you blink.
  • Annual revenue of Google from 2002 to 2019 (in billion U.S. dollars)
  • Nowadays, the Android phone that we run is also due to Google, the first Android operating system was created by Google itself.
  • Google has kept about 20,000 goats to cut grass in its head office. The Yes, you heard right, Google has used goats instead of using a mower in the lawn of its office so that no employee will be disturbed by the sound of the machine.
  • Every week more than 220000 people apply for jobs in Google
  • More than 95% of Google's revenue comes from advertisements published by it, Google is the largest advertising company.
  • Friends, have you ever wondered where the word Google came from, I tell you, in fact, when you hear 100 times behind 1, the number which is formed is called "Googol" and it is only from this word "Google"
  • Now someone will think why Google was not named Googol? Actually the Google name is due to the spelling mistake, while typing "Googol", it accidentally turned "Google" and the result is in front of you today.
  • In Google search engine, more than 60,000 searches are done every second.
  • Google has taken approximately 8046000 km of roadway photographs for its Street View map.
  • Google's entire search engine is 100 million gigabytes
  • Google has named its Android operating system according to ABCD's Alphabet. -Cupcake, Donut, codenamed Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie,
  • You know Google wants to buy a yahoo company with a million dollars but that could not happen.
  • Many people find the Google homepage to be very simple, it is because they did not know much about HTML code when the founder of Google designed it.
  • In 2005, Google launched Google Map and Google Earth, it has features that can measure the world in a moment, it has now reached the moon.
  • "DON'T BE EVIL" is Google's unofficial slogan
  • 88 languages ​​can be used on Google's home page

What did you learn today?

Friends, I tried to tell you in full detail about 20 Some Interesting Facts About Google?, if you liked it, you can also share it with your friends, and if you have any questions, you can ask in the comment is.
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