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What is Aadhaar Virtual I'd? And How to Generate it in English

What is Aadhaar Virtual I'd? And How to Generate it in English

Hello Friends, Today we are going to tell you. I will tell you more about Aadhaar Card Virtual ID and what is Aadhaar Virtual ID and how you can generate Aadhaar Card Virtual ID sitting online. In just 5 minutes. I hope that after reading this post, you have as many questions related to Aadhar Card Virtual ID in your mind. You will get their answer.

What is Aadhaar Virtual I'd And How to Generate it in English
What is Aadhaar Virtual I'd And How to Generate it in English

Earlier, all the work could be done easily with an identity card, but now whether it is an identity card or not, it is very important to have an Aadhaar card. Because today every private sector or Govt. Sector Aadhaar card comes first in the documentation of any work everywhere, so we must submit the Aadhaar card.

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That is why today everyone makes Indian Citizen make their own Aadhaar card. And if a report is seen, about 120 crore people have made their Aadhaar card and have linked their Aadhaar number to their mobile number, bank account, LIC policy and PAN card as well.

Perhaps you must have heard that a lot of incidents of Aadhaar card data leakage have come out recently and because of that many people are now questioning the safety of data associated with Aadhaar card and the imperative of Aadhaar card everywhere.

Therefore, amidst the questions about the security of the Aadhaar card, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has taken a huge step to strengthen its security even more and in this direction UIDAI has introduced a new concept. whose name is. Aadhar Card Virtual ID

The Unique Identification Authority of India, the UIDAI, which runs the government's Aadhaar work, said that now it is going to bring a virtual Aadhaar ID, which will have a 16-digit temporary number, which people can share in exchange for their Aadhaar. Let me now tell you about the Aadhaar Card Virtual ID in details.

What is Aadhaar Card Virtual ID?

Before knowing what Aadhaar Virtual ID is and what it is required, I would like to tell you that how we leak our data from the different places we use our Aadhaar number and how the data leak problem from Aadhaar Virtual ID Will go away.

Now wherever we need an Aadhaar card, we give our Aadhaar number or a photo copy of our Aadhaar card, and this means that to whom we have given our Aadhar card, along with our Aadhar card, our photo, name, The address, date of birth and father name are also known.

Apart from this, he can download our original Aadhaar card from our Aadhaar number by visiting E-Aadhaar site and can also use it incorrectly because our photo on E-Aadhaar card is also colored.

Now you understand that the current Aadhaar number usage system is not safe at all, so the UADAI, which runs the government's Aadhaar program, has launched Aadhaar Card Virtual ID on 1 March 2018. Let us now know what is Aadhaar Virtual ID (VID).

Aadhaar Virtual ID will be a random number of 16 digits i.e. any number of 16 digits and this 16 digits number i.e. Virtual ID of Aadhaar user will have to generate themselves by visiting UIDAI's site.

This virtual ID of 16 digits will remain valid for only one day i.e. whenever you have to prove your identity at any place such as opening a bank account, for government subsidy, to get an instant passport and to buy a new insurance policy. If you need your Aadhaar number, on the same day you can generate a new Virtual ID for yourself and give it to them.

Whoever you have given your Virtual ID will get only the information you have from your Virtual ID and that Virtual ID will become invalid after 1 day, i.e. the use of that Aadhaar Virtual ID will be re-validated somewhere. Cannot do for

Apart from this, it also benefited that nobody else could get your Aadhaar card number, that is, no one can find your Aadhaar number with your Aadhaar Virtual ID. Its special thing is that no other person can generate the user's VID. Only the user can generate it because OTP will come on the user's mobile number.

According to UIDAI, Virtual ID will be fully used from June 2018 and it will also be made mandatory so UIDAI has urged people to create their own VIDs. Now let's know how you can generate your Aadhaar Virtual ID.

How to Generate Aadhaar Card Virtual ID?

You can generate it on UIDAI WEBSITE. For this, after entering the Aadhaar number and security question, you will have to enter the OTP received and after that the option to generate a virtual ID will be clicked on it, the VID will come on your mobile number and it is valid for only one day. It means that you can get it daily if you need it.

Step 1: First of all you go to the site of UIDAI and open the VID Generation page by clicking on the Virtual ID (VID) Generator.

Step 2: Now you have to enter your Aadhaar Number first, after that you have to enter Security Code (captcha) and then Send OTP button Have to click on

On clicking the Send OTP button, an OTP will come on the registered (linked) mobile number from your Aadhaar Card, which you have to enter in the OTP field on the right side.

After this, you have to select the Generate VID and click on the Submit button given below and on clicking you will see this message show “Congratulations! Your VID Number successfully generated and sent to your registered mobile. " And that means your VID has been sent to your mobile.

Hello Friends, I hope that you have got the answers of all the questions of Aadhaar Card Virtual ID, if you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then comment below and do not share this post with your friends. Forget

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How to make Gmail I'D Step by Step in just two minutes

-:- How To Make Gmail Account In 2 Minutes Step By Step -:-

How to make Gmail I'D Step by Step in just two minutes
How to make Gmail I'D Step by Step in just two minutes
Hello Guys, 
you are very welcome in our website TechTour, friends, today we are going to talk about how we can create our Gmail account from our Android or Computer, Laptop in just 2 minutes! Friends G-mail is a free mail provided by Google
Friends, Gmail has many benefits! Like - we can send our document on it anywhere and can also ask for it in just 5 minutes! And this often happens with us when we do some online work or fill an online form! Or do online shoping, while signing up on it, they ask for the Gmail Id. Friends, the Gmail Id is required to be with us and there is no charge for it anyway! So let me tell you how to create Gmail Id!

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What is Gmail! Friends Gmail Id means Google Mail and we call it Gmail in Shortcut! Friends Mail Id is very company provides! But the best and free number (1) Google provides and friends, most people use Google Mail only! Because in this you get good Storange! And it gets fast and it is very easy to use! Friends, this is very beneficial, nowadays people run Whatsapp, they run Facebook because they chat online and do their personal life Shere, friends, this is one such you can do online Chat Data Shereing and other information with the help of it For Example Suppose we are getting our job in a company and if the manager wants to see our documents, then we can send it with the help of Gmail and also save your time! And friends, when we apply related to any job or any company, then we need our mail id in the form! Whether it is online or offline, it is needed by all!

-:- How to create Gmail Id -:-

So friends, to create a Gmail id, we must have Internet Connectivity and an Android or Laptop, Computer, if you have it, then you must first go to the official website of Gmail, Click here for that and now a page in front of you Will open in which you have to enter some of your details

How to make Gmail I'D Step by Step in just two minutes
How to make Gmail I'D Step by Step in just two minutes

STEP - 1

You have to first enter your name in First Name For Example: Rahul
For Last: Sharma to put his head name in Last Name
In Choose Your Username you have to enter your name which you will have to enter when you login.
Your password in Create A Password which should be 8 to 20 digits and should have a special character like - @ # $% & others makes the password stronger.
Repeat your password in Conform Password
To enter your date of birth in the birthday
You have to enter your 10 digit phone number in Mobile No, which you should have because OTP One Time Password will come on it, which will complete your Verification.
In your Current Email Address, you have to enter your email, if you have any other, if not, then put 123 in the username you have created.
In the location, you have to enter INDIA and click on Next Button and proceed.
After this you have to complete OTP Verification and then a message of success will come on your screen and you will be entered in your account.

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Friends, I hope that you will like this post of mine and you have understood something very well, then if you want any kind of information from me, then you can ask me in the comments and You can see more posts related to Technical & Internet, Designing, Blogging and thanks like, Comment, Shere, 

Thank you.

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What is JIO MEET? How does it work Complete information in English?

What is JIO MEET? How does it work Complete information in English?

Hello Friends,

What is Jio Meet? Don't you know What is Jio Meet? You must have been a little surprised to read this, who are we going to talk about, you must have known the Reliance JIO very well, due to which today India has moved a lot in the matter of Digital and will grow even further.

What is JIO MEET? How does it work Complete information in English?
What is JIO MEET? How does it work Complete information in English?

As we Indians know, the country is fighting Covid and the lockdown is being done all over the country, so many people will have met in your house or neighborhood who will be sitting online and studying. Or do a meeting work from home with the help of Video Conferencing.

In this lockdown, we have seen everything like this happening online, but in such a situation, the app with which people were doing some work of meeting or company is named Zoom Meeting App, which has been created for a video conferencing.

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But in such a situation, those who have used it and are saying that it is doing some personal data leak, then the Government of India has refused to use this app.

So in this way all the local company were asked to make Video Conferencing App as well.

In such a situation, Indian Telecom Operator Reliance Jio brought a very good APP in front of people, which will challenge all the big companies in the coming tomorrow.

So Reliance Jio launched its Video Conferencing App, JioMeet which is completely free, you can easily do your work with the help of it.

Like there are some big companies in the market right now, Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams. This can give a good challenge in the coming times.

Regarding this thing, I thought that why not share this thing with all of you and you all should also know about it.

JioMeet Kya Hai? - What is Jio Meet?

So far, you must have got a little information about JioMeet, but it is my right to tell you everything that I know.

JioMeet is a Video Conferencing App with the help of which you can attend the meeting from your home and can also do the school class, a big company to make it about which I do not need to tell you, is Telecom Company Reliance. Jio has launched.

Prior to this, the apps that were used, such as Zoom, Google Meet, you had to pay some money to use their service, but this company of our India has made this thing absolutely free for all of us.

In this, you also get to see some new features, such as you can schedule any meeting that will take place at a given time, and you can also do Screen Share which is used somewhere. .

JioMeet was launched beta version 1 month ago, so that a little bit of testing can be done and some new things can also be added. But now it has been launched for all Android and ios users, now everyone can take advantage of it, and at the same time you can go and use it on big search engines like Google Chrome and Mozila Firefox.

Advantages of Jiomeet App

 How to download JioMeet?

Till now you were knowing about it, but if some of you have to download it, then I tell you about it.

In recent times, you can only see it on Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

You can download it very easily from it, I will give you the link below, you can also download it from there.

JioMeet Android App Download Link: - Link

JioMeet iOS App Download Link: - Link

After downloading it, you do not need to do much, just you have to enter your Mobile No and on that number you will go OTP (One Time Password), you will have to write it in the box given below or add it yourself Will do it.

After that you can use JioMeet App very easily.

what have you learned?

I hope from you that in today's post, What is JioMeet App? What is JioMeet full information in English?

Would have liked it, and if you have got a lot of information, then you can make us more happy by commenting below, if you have any kind of question, then you can ask in the comment or else you can also ask via email.