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How to Earn Money From Facebook And WhatsApp?

How to Earn Money From Facebook And WhatsApp?

Nowadays social networking sites are becoming increasingly popular, many people stay busy on social networking sites on the internet for hours, people of all ages are using social networks because with the help of this we can chat with our friends right from home, Family or friends living in other countries with whom we could not talk for years, now we can talk to them easily through social media, get to know about their activities, know about their favorite artists, players etc.

How to Earn Money From Facebook And WhatsApp
How to Earn Money From Facebook And WhatsApp

Some of them are popular social media platform - Facebook and WhatsApp many people keep busy on them for hours.

But do you know that with their help you can earn money too. In this post, I am going to tell you that money can be made from social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp?

Facebook and WhatsApp are very popular platforms, their reach is everywhere, so many people have made them their source of income and they are earning up to 1000 $ from them, if you want, you can also earn money with their help.

Ways to Earn Money on Social Media

1. Networking - 

Networking is the best and most popular way to earn money on social media sites, if you have more friends on social media then you can also earn more money from it. Many people are earning thousands of rupees by networking.

Alsor Read This :-

In networking, you first have to join a networking company, then you will have to ask other people to join that company, if someone joins the company through you, then you get a commission which can be up to ₹ 5000. Even if that person also adds a person, you still get commission. This is called second level.

Some companies pay commissions up to 7 levels. You can also connect to an online network company and share its links on social media and you can speak to your friends to join the company and if your friends will join the company then you will get commission by the company.

2. Marketing - 

If you have a business of your own, you can use social media to grow your business and earn more profit. You can share posts about your product and tell people about the benefits of your product, you can also chat with your customers and tell them in detail. With this, more people will get to know about your product and your business will grow further and you can get more profit.

3. Pages - 

You can also earn money by creating a page on Facebook, for this you must first create your own page on Facebook. You can also create a Facebook page of Jokes, Tech, Education, Just for Fun, Shayari etc.

After that you will have to increase your Likes, Followers etc. by sharing and promoting the post on it, after that you can earn money by posting sponsored content on it, you can also sell your page, but for this at least on your page It is necessary to have less 5000 Likes. The more likes you have on your page, the higher will be the value of your page.

4. Sponsored Content - 

You can also earn money by posting sponsored content on social sites, you can create your account on a website like Likesplanet and share its links on social media, after that Likes, View, Comments and shares found on those links Accordingly, you will get paid.

5. Affiliate Marketing - 

You can share your product on social media by creating your account on the Affiliate Program of E-Commerce website like Amazon and Flipkart, and if someone buys those products then the company will give you 3% of the price of the product. Up to 15% commission will be received.

Friday, February 19, 2021

20 Some Interesting Facts About Google?

20 Some Interesting Facts About Google?

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you some interesting facts about Google which you hardly know before.

20 Some Interesting Facts About Google?
20 Some Interesting Facts About Google?

  • You would know the name of the founder of Facebook, but do you know the name of the founder of Google? His name is Larry Page and Survey Brin.
  •  Google Earns $ 3488 in a Second
  • Google has more than 70 offices in 40 countries
  • Google has bought about 900 companies in the last 12 years and it is continuously expanding
  • As per 2019 the number of permanent employees of Google is 118899 and till now many employees of Google have become billionaires.
  • The annual revenue of Google as of 2019 is around 160.74 Billion US Dollor. Believe that Google earns lakhs of rupees as soon as you blink.
  • Annual revenue of Google from 2002 to 2019 (in billion U.S. dollars)
  • Nowadays, the Android phone that we run is also due to Google, the first Android operating system was created by Google itself.
  • Google has kept about 20,000 goats to cut grass in its head office. The Yes, you heard right, Google has used goats instead of using a mower in the lawn of its office so that no employee will be disturbed by the sound of the machine.
  • Every week more than 220000 people apply for jobs in Google
  • More than 95% of Google's revenue comes from advertisements published by it, Google is the largest advertising company.
  • Friends, have you ever wondered where the word Google came from, I tell you, in fact, when you hear 100 times behind 1, the number which is formed is called "Googol" and it is only from this word "Google"
  • Now someone will think why Google was not named Googol? Actually the Google name is due to the spelling mistake, while typing "Googol", it accidentally turned "Google" and the result is in front of you today.
  • In Google search engine, more than 60,000 searches are done every second.
  • Google has taken approximately 8046000 km of roadway photographs for its Street View map.
  • Google's entire search engine is 100 million gigabytes
  • Google has named its Android operating system according to ABCD's Alphabet. -Cupcake, Donut, codenamed Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie,
  • You know Google wants to buy a yahoo company with a million dollars but that could not happen.
  • Many people find the Google homepage to be very simple, it is because they did not know much about HTML code when the founder of Google designed it.
  • In 2005, Google launched Google Map and Google Earth, it has features that can measure the world in a moment, it has now reached the moon.
  • "DON'T BE EVIL" is Google's unofficial slogan
  • 88 languages ​​can be used on Google's home page

What did you learn today?

Friends, I tried to tell you in full detail about 20 Some Interesting Facts About Google?, if you liked it, you can also share it with your friends, and if you have any questions, you can ask in the comment is.

Monday, February 15, 2021

How to increase Instagram followers in English 2021

How to increase Instagram followers in English 2021
How to increase Instagram followers in English 2021?

How to increase Instagram followers in English 2021:- Instagram is a social media platform that gives you an important feature to share photos. On this social media platform, you can share photos as well as videos and posts.

With this, your fans can also increase the followings, through which you can earn a lot of money, if you want to know how to earn money from istagram then you should read this post → How to earn money with Instagram after reading this post All the questions will be answered that finally how can you make money from Instagram because many people understand that money cannot be made from Instagram but it is not that we have written this post to clear your confusion so that you are right More detailed information can be found .

Now come to the point and you How to increase Instagram followers of new tricks to show that you simply can followers increase your Instagram we in our articles that are told about how you leave your Instagram account Can increase followers of. So, you should read this article till the end so that you get a complete understanding of how you can increase the followers of Instagram.

What is Instagram (What is Instagram in English)

Instagram lets hear the name of this application. Photos of many celebrities appear in our mind. The updates of lifestyle, dress, lifestyle of those celebrities constantly upload to Instagram. If you look at this application in a way, then if it is about Photo Social Media then Instagram's name is at the forefront.

This Instagram application is not only used by celebrities but nowadays all kinds of politicians are also using it very well to promote their election (election).

Today, all of you must also be using Instagram, there is no doubt about this, but if you keep full knowledge about Instagram such as when this application was created, how to increase the likes on Instagram account, how much more the subject of come in front of more people, Instagram Stories do many many questions that you need to get the exact the concrete information then you continue this article Instagram is the Instagram followers of how badhaye should fall once the course.

Instagram is such a social media application that was launched in 2010 almost 10 years ago. Are making it to the application Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger has two American who design the application and brought the people to their used. Later, seeing its growing popularity, the world's largest social media website Facebook bought it completely in 2012.

How to use Instagram

Instagram is a very popular social media platform that you can use in your daily activities, as well as using this application you can get yourself in front of the world as a brand.

If you want to present the photo taken by you in front of the world, then it is quite easy to use Instagram application. Before using Instagram, you should know how to use Instagram in your phone.

  • To install Instagram in your phone, you have to go to Play Store or Apple Store in your mobile. After that you will have to search the Instagram application there.
  • After searching Instagram, install it in your phone.
  • After installing, create your account on this application.
  • After this you can easily use this application.
  • After installing this application, you can use it easily. Such as photo sharing, commenting, reshare history.
  • Instagram is a good application that you can work on easily.

Instagram main features of Instagram

  • Close friend list Close friend list: You can also add your followers as friends by using this option, so that your friend can like all your posts and react to them first.
  • Look at the like post: If you like any previous post on Instagram or you forget to like it, then Instagram has brought a new features that will help you to know which photo, post or video you like Have done Or you can also remove the posts you like.
  • Clear Search History: In this feature of Instagram, you can also delete previously searched data. Many times it is not necessary to understand that you find something wrong and you could not remove it later but now you can remove it. For this, you have to use the option of Clear Search History.
  • Post a tag tag : If any of your friends or grandchildren tag you in a post or video and you do not want to see it on your profile, then you can also hide it.
  • Remove photos from the photo location map: If you go somewhere to hang out with your friends and any of your friends share your photo with the location in the group, you can also remove it.
  • Photo Sharing PHOTO Sharing: In Instagram, you can easily share photos, tag that photo with logo.
  • Video Sharing Video Sharing: In this option of Instagram, you can also share the video as well as share the logo in it and also write some messages.
  • Story Sharing Story sharing: In this option of Instagram, you can also share photos and videos in the story. In the story, you can write messages besides videos and photos.

Tag:- Tag has a simple meaning in which you can also add a logo to a post, as well as to tag others in the caption of any video or photo by writing @ in front of the logo's name. Write the name to be tagged / mention.

How to increase Instagram followers

If you also use this application for your business and want to increase the followers of Instagram, then you can follow these steps. There are 2 ways to increase followers of Instagram first boat / fraud second Genune way, let's see some good tips so that you can easily increase unlimited followers on Instagram.

Customize your Instagram profile

  • Put a good looking image on your Instagram profile. It would be better to edit the photo before putting it on the profile because the edited images look quite good. Because it is believed that if users using face profile pic become more and more real followers than a profile without face image. If you want to edit a photo, then to edit photos, these applications like photoshop, picsart etc. Can use
  • Whenever you post photos on Instagram, then definitely use the filters option of Instagram aaplication. If your pics / photos from the filters are not looking good, then do not use them at all because it reduces the follower.
  • When creating an Instagram profile, write the complete information about your information in the about section on its profile. Keep in mind that it should be in short and also interesting. Also be sure to use #hastag (#) releted from the field of your post.
  • Do add a link to any social media platform or blog / website / youtube. This will increase the value and visablity of your profile.
  • Do not keep your Instagram profile private, visible to public, because it has a much larger effect. You will see that in today's time, popular people are on Instagram, their profile remains public. And any other can follow them.

Post on Trending Topics

Everyday many new trends are coming in the world of Internet. But are you familiar with this, how much these new trends can increase your followers? For example, recently the case of covid19 to trump are trending in the world of internet. During which Instagram users are taking full advantage of public sentiments and increasing their own followers.

You can also take the help of this website google trends to know about such new trends. Because this website of Google will always keep you informed about the latest trends related to any specific area every day. Like Oro, you should take advantage of these new trends and make new posts related to them every day. By which you will also get the benefit of public sentiments.

Post regularly and use a/many proper hastag

  • Yes, you regularly put quality contents on your Instagram social media account and also use at least 10-15 proper hastag with it. There should be some hastag on which crores follower. Like this hastag can also be #love, like4like, #instabudy and many more. Which you can find on Instagram app.
  • Tag the releted logo in your post from the field that people related to your post. You can use . @ Name mention to tag a logo . Remember to tag the same logo which is releted from your post.
  • To keep your followers always engaged, you keep posting good morning messages in hindi on Instagram, or other quotes from time to time so that the visiblity of your Instagram account remain.

Follow peoples randomly daily bases (Pro tips)

Yes newbie this is perfect. And verified method. Which I also use to make followers of Instagram. You don't have to do anything, just follow some people randomly.

Now this does not mean that you started following people unnecessarily. You only have to follow 50 to 100 in the whole day. Do not do a single thing more than this. If you follow 100 people on Instagram on a day, then 20 of them will definitely follow you back.

By doing this you can collect 1000+ follower on your Instagram. Along with following the logo on Instagram, you can like and comment on their uploaded photos as well, the chances of getting a follow back from this system increases to a great extent, I believe.

Collaborate with others' accounts

Many such social media celebrities have tried this simple method in their early stages. If you want too, by adopting this easy method, you can increase genune followers on your Instagram account in no time.

Often, you have seen many great youtubers trying this important method. They chat together in videos together promoting their Instagram account. Which leads to rapid increase in the number of subscribers of both. You must do something similar to increase the followers of your Instagram.

Use keywords in Bio (Add keywords in BIO)

Using the keyword in the bio section of your insta account can also prove to be a better idea. Because as far as I believe and says from experience. Accordingly, essential information like Instagram's bio and name etc. is indexed by search engines like google and from there you get the benefit.

If your insta account is ranked 1st in Google on any popular or trending keyword, then no one can stop your followers' statistics from growing, after that real traffic will come. For this you can use free keyword research toolkit like ubersuggest so that you get the benefit.

Share the link of Instagram account on your blog (Promote your Instagram account link on your blog / website)

If you are a blogger and want to increase the size of your audince then there is nothing big in increasing followers for you. You can also speak to your readers to follow. 

You can also mention it in your post and with this you can easily add a link to insta account in social widget.

Boost and grow followers with software

If you are thinking of increasing the follower of your Instagram with the help of any software, then you should not be completely unaware that this can prove to be a dangerous step and can also put your Instagram account in danger. We are also giving you some tips to increase the flow from the boat, but it can prove to be dangerous.

Some other tips to increase your followers

  • Post hastag on your Instagram account daily and also use hastag.
  • Mention the related person in the post.
  • In Instagram posts, you can use trending tags and keywords.


In this post, we read about Instagram as well as other posts of Instagram. How to seo Instagram par followers kaise badhaye and Instagram account to increase followers of your Instagram.

The Instagram app was created 10 years ago in 2010, in which one of the most important feature was that you could share your photo in it, but now with the increasing time, there are some more new features in it, which include story sharing, video sharing. Posting the accompanying community etc. are its current features.

What did you learn today?

Friends, I tried to tell you in full detail about How to increase Instagram followers in English 2021, if you liked it, you can also share it with your friends, and if you have any questions, you can ask in the comment is.