Monday, April 12, 2021

How to Use Whatsaap Settings on Androide?

Hello Friends, today I will tell you about Android phone tips. Friends, you all have an Android Smartphone in today's Internet era. And you know how to use it. But there are many ways in it, and there are some apps that you do not know how to use it correctly. So friends, today I will tell you about the EC way app.

How to Use Whatsaap Settings on Androide?
How to Use Whatsaap Settings on Androide?

The name of that app is Votesup, Friends Votesup is a social media site. So let me tell you some tips about it today. Maybe you already know these tips, maybe not, so let's know.

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1) To lock the message of WhatsApp :-

Friends, if you want to lock your votesup message, then you can definitely lock it. These are very simple settings. You can easily do this. So first of all you want to lock your WhatsApp message, then you have to go to your google play store and search whatsaap lock aap and download it. Then it has to be opened. After that, you have to enter your password in it. After that your messages will be locked.

This app is available in Google Play Store per free.

2) How do I backup my old messages

Friends you are afraid of deleting your old message backup, so do not be afraid at all, if you want to format your own mobile phone. Or you want to enter your new number, and if you want to backup your old message, then you have to do a setting,

Setting> chat setting> chat backup setting> backup now.

There are also some seetings for iOS users.

3) Hiding the last scene of WhatsAap:-

How to Use Whatsaap Settings on Androide?

Friends, if you feel that, no one can see my last scene, you want to hide the last scene of your WhatsApp, then you have to do this one setting. friends

Simple setting.

Settings> account> privancy> last seen

For iOS user :-

Friends, if you have an Apple iPhone, then the last scene feature has been available for a long time in that mobile phone. The last scene timestamp in Friends Apple iPhone can be highlighted by all users simultaneously. Settings required to hide, 👇👇

Settings> chat settings> advanced> last seen

4) Teach me to change my number in WhatsAap:

If you have entered a Puran number in a Votesup account and you want to create a new account from another mobile or a new number, then it can be changed without any problem.

For example, 👇

Setting> Account> change number

After making these settings, you should enter both the old number and the new number. Apart from this, if you want to use your number with the new SIM, then your WhatsAap account will have nothing.

How can a WhatsAap hack be done :-

How to Use Whatsaap Settings on Androide?

1) By using public Wi-Fi

2) Finding the IMEI number of the phone

3) Hacking is also done with the help of numbers only.


How to avoid it :-

1) Please do not use public Wi-Fi

2) block the anon number

3) Change the password of your router frequently after using your Wi-Fi.

So friends, you will definitely tell me about the information and tips related to my Whatsaap by commenting.

Friday, April 9, 2021

How to Reset Or Format Android Mobile Phone?

How to Reset Or Format Android Mobile Phone?

Now a days the use of android mobiles has increased a lot, millions of people are using it and this number is constantly increasing.

How to Reset Or Format Android Mobile Phone?
How to Reset Or Format Android Mobile Phone?

Many times, we install many features and apps in mobile, which has a bad effect on the phone's system and slows down the speed of mobile and it also starts to hang.

Then we start finding a solution for how to get the mobile into the right position.

The solution is to uninstall the mobile's unusable apps.

But even after this, some viruses and files remain in mobile.

Due to which the mobile is not fully recovered and some problem is left.

In such a situation, there is only one way to reset the mobile.

Here I will tell you how to Reset / Format Android Mobile?

How to Reset Or Format Android Mobile Phone?

Resetting Android phone has many advantages -

● Mobile will be completely fresh.

● Mobile will come to its new position.

● Virus will be removed from mobile.

● Mobile Hang will not happen.

Apart from this, if you are selling mobile to someone, then sell your mobile only after selling it.

Because in this your important data is saved using which anyone can misuse your information.

Therefore, before selling it, save your data and save it somewhere else and make it mobile so that all the data is deleted from the mobile.

(On resetting your mobile, all your data gets deleted like - Mobile memory, Music, Photos, Apps, Settings, No. & Messeges.

So backup your required data)

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To reset your mobile, follow the simple steps given below-

Step.1 - First turn on Mobile and go to Settings.

Step.2 - Then go to Mobile Backup and Reset.

How to Reset Or Format Android Mobile Phone

Step.3 - Now tick Automatic Backup here and click on Factory Data Reset.

How to Reset Or Format Android Mobile Phone

Step.4 - Now click on Reset Device.

How to Reset Or Format Android Mobile Phone

After this, your Mobile Reset (Format) will be done.

After reset, the mobile will come to a completely new position, completely fresh

Now you can use your mobile easily and now there will not be any problem of hanging in it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Best Ways to Give a Presentation

 Best Ways to Give a Presentation

There are some such occasions in the office or school when we have to prepare for the presentation, prepare it well! But I ignore the role of Body Language in the presentation, due to which the presentation remains incomplete, so I will go in today's post to see how we can complete the presentation!

Best Ways to Give a Presentation
Best Ways to Give a Presentation

Now we will know some great tips about Body Language in Presentation so that you can make your presentation even better!

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Now if you are a student or work in a company, if you have to give a presentation and understand what you say and magnify your work, then follow the presentation tips given below.

Some Amazing Tips to Give A Presentation For You

Presentation Tip: 1 

During the presentation to increase the spirit, keep the body straight and comfortable, in this way you breathe better and stress is also reduced for you.

Presentation Tip: 2 

Always look in your Andes eyes and talk! People like to listen to people who talk to them with eyes and eyes! This can make more people talk to you

Presentation Tip: 3 

To make your impact, you should communicate with the audience with your strong attitude!

You look full of confidence! Use words that increase your faith in you more and do not break your faith with people! Some of this star said her words that she should forget the whole of Daniel and just take care of you!

Presentation Tip: 4 

Walked to Mojud place to take livelihood in conversation! If you are talking about any 3 points in the presentation, then tell them to stand in different places, that people should understand.

Presentation Tip: 5 

During the presentation, you should keep the attention of the audition more, so keep changing the gesture!

Presentation Tip: 6 

During the presentation, if you point to a particular point and to direct attention to that point and see the same thing on the screen, in this way the audition will follow the signal of your eyes and fingers!

Presentation Tip: 7 

During the presentation, give the audienes such a feeling or make them feel that they are also present in the presentation, ask them to walk the Qustions to them so that they can show interest in the presentation and complete the presentation!

Presentation Tip: 8 

Whenever you are answering a difficult Qustion, keep your mind calm and take a deep breath slowly so that you get time to think about the answer as well! When answering Qustion, Qustion can look confidently into the eyes of the eater! So that your mind does not go anywhere.

Presentation Tip: 9 

If you want during the presentation that the auditions will lock up your presentation, then smile and tell them that you have liked my presentation, it will increase their level of confidence and your confidence and make your presentation even better. Will improve

Friends, I hope you will like this post of mine, if you also follow these tips while giving a presentation, then I can tell you with 100% claim that your presentation will be the best.

If you like these tips of mine, then you should share them with your friends and comment how you like this post, thank you.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

How to use Function Key F1 to F12 Key?

How to use Function Key F1 to F12 Key?

You all know that in the world of computers and laptops, we use many shortcut to reduce the time of today so that our time can be saved, although the computer which is a computer user has the keys F1 to F12, which is the name of the function key. If it is called from, then let us start by stating that where is the use of these keys used?

How to use Function Key F1 to F12 Key?
How to use Function Key F1 to F12 Key?

Use of Key from Function Key F1 to F12

F1 Key - This is the first Fuction Key Button of Keybord, we can use any Softwear Help like Photoshop, Ms Word, Help for Page Maker.etc, then we can open that page and press Help by pressing F1 Key.

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F2 Key - If we have to change the name of any file, if we have to change the name of a folder, then for that we first right click on that file, after that we go to the rename option and then change the name. We find that our time is wasted so if we click on the file and click on F2 Button, then we can easily change the name of that file or folder easily.

F3 Key- As soon as we press this Fuction Key, the Search Box opens in front of us, so that we can search any kind of file or folder in the computer, it is very Ueful for us.

F4 Key- Use this Fuction Key with Alt if any Softwear is open then press Alt + F4 to close it then it will be closed and this is another use when we press Alt + F4 on Desktop. Shutdown option opens

F5 Key- In today's time, people who use the computer, they will know that at which time it works, the Internet is running in the computer and when Browser is opened, its page error becomes to relod it. Refress with F5 Key or to refresh the computer and in Ms Office I use it to use the Find Replace Go button for a word. On the other hand, when I press F5, the power point starts to slide.

In F6 Key-Window I have to see the contant of the open folder and if it goes to a browser and press f6, then it goes directly to the address containing the URL and you can change the URL directly and if I ms word I have many documents open, so you can check all the documents one by one, for this we have to press Control + Shift + F6.

F7 Key- If you press F7 on the laptop, you can enlarge the volume and it is mostly used in Ms word, if we have to cheek the spelling in any file then you can use it.

F8 Key - Ms word I use it to select the text and to open the safe mode in computer, if you have to go to boot in the window then you press the f8 key and boot Can go

F9 Key - In Microsoft Outlook, it is used to send and recived emails. And many of the current laptops can also control the brightness, its use is mostly used with alt and shift.

F10 Key - It also does not work in the computer's Windows, if you press these keys in the computer, then it will not do anything, it is used in Ms word, if you use it in ms word, then you will press Shift + F10, then you shortcut Will show like copy paste etc. Any browser of internet or any software is used to go to the menu bar.

F11 Key- It is used for full screen of any softwear or you can full screen your desktop.

F12 Key- Ms word I have to save the file, if you press F12 in laptop then flight mode will be on your laptop and not only that, in many computers we also use to boot the window. .

So friends, as all of you must have seen this function key in your laptop or computer, and you might have also thought that in the end, what is the use of this key in the car, so I will clear many of your douts. Have given

In the same way, we will keep bringing some new updates for you, you always keep visiting our website. If you have liked our information, then do share with your friends on WhatsApp Facebook too.

Monday, April 5, 2021

How to Update Jio Phone's software?

How to Update Jio Phone's software?

Jio phone is the largest smartphone in India that many people use this phone. 

Reliance JIO PHONE is a feature smartphone, meaning you have been given the feature that is available in an expensive smartphone, but due to lack of software updates in jio phone, this feature is not available, which makes jio phone users very nervous, so today We will tell you about updating jio phone which you will be able to update your jio phone easily ..

How to Update Jio Phone's software?
How to Update Jio Phone's software?

First of all, let me tell you that if the software update of your jio phone is not there, then you do not get many apps in the jio phone, in this case your jio phone has the same feature, which is in a basic phone! This way you can find out if your jio phone is updated or not

Every day there is an update coming from Relinace, while the Jio phone has been made keeping in mind the needs of the common people, Jio phone keeps updating through the need of them, the update of Facebook in Jio phone is its Have a motive!

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While it is very easy to update the live phone, you will be happy with this 5.10. It takes minutes and your live phone gets updated, new updates are coming on updating the live phone, for this you should come to update your live phone.

Know why you update jio phone

  1.  Xiao phone update reduces phone hang up
  2.  After updating the phone, its battery backup performance increases.
  3.  Due to the phone update, you keep getting new features in it.
  4.   Xiao phone speed increases almost
  5.  Jio phone updates fixes its unkonw problem.

Keep in Mind Before Updating Jio Phone

Before updating the Jio phone, you have to keep in mind the below mentioned things, so that your Jio phone is successfully updated.

  • First of all, check that your phone should be Internet
  • Before internet phone update, it should have internet connection ON
  • Also check that the battery of your live phone should not be LOW

Know How to Update Jio Phone

  1. First of all, you should open the setting in your live phone
  2. Now you will see the option of device information below, click on it
  3. Now you have to click on LYF software update
  4. As soon as you click, your live phone will start updating.
  5. This process takes you 5 to 10 minutes, it depends on the speed of your internet.
  6. The jio phone is reset automatically after the download
  7. Now your live phone is updated

So friends, you can update live phone by following these steps.

How did you like this post? Please give your opinion in the comment box. Thank you.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

What is Google People Card? How to make more? complete information?

What is Google People Card? How to make more? complete information?

What is Google People Card? How to make more? complete information?
What is Google People Card? How to make more? complete information?

Hello Friends,

Have you got What is Google People Card? What is a virtual visiting card? Do not know about it, then I will try to give you complete information in this post how you too can create Google People Card very easily.

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You all know that we are moving very fast, and as we go further, we are becoming more digital and getting connected with new technology.

Recently, Yanni's Google launched it on 12 August 2020, and we know it as Virtual Visiting Card.

Google always brings new services to its users, so that the users of Google will like Google's services and that too with great support from Google.

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So let's quickly get to know and learn what What is Google People Card? And add me to search card. How can we make it easily, and bring ourselves online.

What is Google People Card?

Google has recently launched such a service for its users in India, from which we are very proud that we are moving forward every step.

Because as we are moving towards progress, and everything is going digital, in such a situation, Google has brought these special features with the help of which you can create Virtual Visiting Card, and tell people about yourself. Can.

The Google People Card has just been launched for mobile users, so that it can be seen only in mobile, because mobile users are very much in India.

So far have you known that What is Google People Card?

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What are the benefits of Google People Card?

You must have got a lot of information about Google People Card, but now I can also tell you some benefits.

The biggest advantage is that you can make it, whether it comes to you or not, from which a very good identity can be made.

Earlier we all used to make Facebook and considered ourselves a lot, but now Google is giving these special features to make you.

Previously Google used to use Wikepedia to make Virtual Visiting Card, but now it has done everything for its users by itself.

In this, the maximum benefit will be for those people who have been working alone online for a long time, from which it was not possible to tell people about themselves one by one.

Now just put all the information about himself in the Google People Card, then some of his work will become easier.

What was the harm with Google People Card?

I also started to tell you, what is its loss, by the way, it has not caused much loss,

Because when something changes, then after some time it also becomes right.

Like everyone makes Visiting Card in the name of their shop, who used to give it to whosoever used to come or even get it through someone else.

But now after its arrival there will be a slight loss to those who used to make it.

How to create Google People Card?

1 - First of all you have to go to Google and login with the Email Id you want to create, remember that you can create it with the same Email Id in which you have given your full name.

After going there, you have to search Add me to search card.

After that a page will open in front of you, where you will write Add Yourself to google search and in its right side you will find the button of Get Started.    

2 - Then you will come in front of you and fill the form, in which you will have to fill all your Detail well.

3 - After filling it, you will get a message of success, and after this, you can also see the preview, what will it look like after searching in google.

After doing this one more thing is not that you will immediately see it, it will take some time for it to be updated from google, once it will happen again. So keep this in mind.

What did you get today?

I hope you wrote this post What is Google People Card? What is google people card in hindi.

Would have liked, if you got a little information, then you can share it with your friends, which will make us a little happy.